I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher.


I work with people who have a lot to offer the world, but because they feel small, invisible and unworthy, they have not reached their potential. They often feel unhappy and unfulfilled.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

I provide Integrative Psychotherapy in-person at my office in Wakefield and a counselling room in Leeds, as well as online therapy to people around the UK.

Mindfulness Teaching

I teach trauma-informed mindfulness meditation through my new online learning platform as well as mentoring beginning and experienced meditators one to one.

Alongside my teaching, I support other teachers as a supervisor for the Mindfulness Training Institute.


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Like a plant that has not been watered sufficiently, lack of love and nurture in early life is deeply damaging to one’s sense of worth.

It is likely that when growing up you did not get what you needed. You may have been emotionally, physically, and or sexually abused. You may suffer from symptoms of trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

You may, or may not, be aware of the source of your problems. However, I can assure you that you have many gifts to give to the world.

My therapy services or personal consultations can help you actualize your potential and feel more valuable and worthy of love.

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Becoming a mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist felt right: a natural evolution after devoting many years to my personal healing and growth.

I have devoted the last 15 years of my life to personal growth and healing. During this time I trained to become a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher.

I am intuitive and gentle in my approach to working with people who have suffered greatly in their lives. I focus on tuning into your experience on a deep level.

I am sensitive, compassionate and caring as I listen to your unique experiences and respond to you a helpful and healing manner. I offer deep respect for you as an individual - it is your relationship with me that forms that foundation of your healing.

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My therapy and coaching clients tell me that working with me helped them to:

• Have more confidence in themselves, and feel more deserving of love and respect.

• Be treated better in their relationships, and have the courage to leave relationships that are not working for them.

• Stand up for themselves with others and be better able to get their needs met.

• Feel more satisfied with themselves and their lives.

• Feel calmer and more at ease inside themselves and with others.