Meditation Coaching

Private meditation sessions to enrich your practice or simply help you unwind.

Coaching sessions to mindfully work towards goals in life, with meditation as a support.   

How Coaching Can Help

The benefits of mindfulness practice can be greatly enhanced by working with a meditation teacher. A coach who has experience practising and teaching mindfulness can support you in deepening your practice, taking you further than you may be able to go on your own.

I can get to know you and your practice and help guide you. If you have been struggling with feelings of deep unworthiness, it is likely that unpleasant feelings or memories may arise in your practice. These can be disturbing and confusing. It can be of great help to have a teacher to guide you through them.

How Coaching Works

Our focus in our meetings is on the following:

1. Maintaining and Deepening Your Mindfulness Practice

I guide and support you in your meditation practice to help you maintain and deepen it. Depending on your situation, I may assist you with setting up structures to help you prepare for daily practice or be consistent with it. We may discuss obstacles that are preventing you from practising, or help you develop more focus in your practice so that it brings you greater benefits.

2. Integrating Mindfulness Practice into Your Daily Life

It is important to have a meditation practice, but mindfulness is most helpful when you can carry it over into your daily life.

I help you become more mindful from the moment you awaken until you go to bed at night. Mindfulness will be most beneficial to you once it has become a way of being in your life, as opposed to a practice you do for a specified amount of time each day.

Of course, it is not possible to be mindful all the time, and it can be discouraging when you slip out of mindfulness. I help you set realistic expectations and goals for yourself. I encourage a “whole-hearted commitment” to your practice, and “whole-hearted forgiveness” when you slip back into habitual bad habits or neglect your daily practice.

I help you integrate mindfulness into your life by leading personalised guided meditations and by dialoguing with you about your practice. We will work on overcoming internal obstacles to living more mindfully so that you have greater peace and happiness.

One to one coaching meetings are available worldwide via secure and confidential video calling (similar to Skype).